About Us & Video

A Sarasota to Naples Asphalt Company That Saves Clients Money

What do you get when you combine 20 years of honorable Northern Minnesota asphalt and asphalt maintenance with over 20 years of Asphalt Surgeon’s South West Florida paving experience?   You get us- Southwest Florida Asphalt.

A simple call or email and our service and the way we help our clients will quickly be revealed to you. We are a different kind of asphalt paving company.  An asphalt company that for existing projects first looks to protect, maintain, and save your asphalt investment. If not possible, only then do we suggest full paving. Performing paving work on some of the largest parking lots in South West Florida, we have earned a reputation for quality  paving but  have numerous references that will bare witness  that we are asphalt advisiors first.

Jon Hetzel With over 20 years of sealcoating, paving, and asphalt repair work. Call Jon for a free estimate or consulting on your asphalt needs.


For new asphalt paving few can compete with us on quality and price. But how many asphalt companies might say to you, “Perhaps you don’t need  new asphalt.”  We have done that many times and have built that trust among our large network of customers who want to save money and do what’s best to keep their asphalt and property looking great.


Companies that provide quality work put photos of their people on their websites.  As a 20 year asphalt pro, Jon is a great guy to call to learn about all of your asphalt options.  He does not try to sell you “his” solution. He presents all of your options and also free estimates.  Give us a call today and share with us how we can help you.n For Sarasota to Naples sealcoating, paving and asphalt services, we stand by to serve.