Naples Mel’s DIner Sealcoating Project


A Naples sealcoating and asphalt repair project was just completed in December of 2011 at the iconic Mel’s Diner in Naples, Fl.  “Everyone one knows Mel’s and it’s in a very visible location. We obviously did quality work, but it’s the same type of sealcoating we perform for any customer.

Asphalt maintenance photo at Mel's Diner

Come take a look at the Naples parking lot repair project at Mel's Diner.

“We encourage any one to take a look at what we can do to help parking lots last longer. Naples sealcoating and asphalt work requires experience and quality work and quality products. The Asphalt Surgeon’s team with over 50 years of asphalt repair experience is Naples sealcoating and asphalt leader.”


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